Made in Germany


Each specification of our matrasses is well thought through in order to guarantee ergonomic sleep position and maximal comfort. That’s what Salome matrass is all about. It is made to make your day amazing – you wake up rested and full of life after an excellent night’s sleep

Salome – providing comfort layer after layer

The height of Salome matrass is 26 centimetres. The core of the matrass is made out of FOUR layers.

The upper layer is made out of viscoelastic MEMORY foam which feels like sleeping on the clouds.

The second layer consists of soft, breathable and elastic polyurethane foam (HR). It not only emphasises the best qualities of memory foam but also improves ventilation.

The mattress also has a 7 zone base which ensures the air flow and the right sleeping position of your spine during the night.

A firm layer of increased density polyurethane foam (HR) makes Salome matrass multi-purpose. This side of the matrass can be chosen if you want to sleep on a firmer matrass.

Soft and high quality cover

The sides of the cover are made of AIR- PERMEABLE GRID which regulates temperature and prevents excess humidity.

The cover has two parts – the upper side can be easily taken off to wash.

Salome matrass 

Designed for comfort

Price 415 – 843 €

Salome matrass is worth buying because

We work for you

The matrass is constructed for an extraordinary night’s sleep. An anti-allergic cover can be washed up to 40 degrees.


The materials we use are certificated by OKOTEX. Made in Germany.


This matrass can be used from both sides. Memory foam softly moulds to the contours of your body making it perfect for chilly autumn and winter nights. While the firmer layer of increased density polyurethane foam makes Salome matrass just fine during the summer.